Allen Klein - Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

A child of the depression, Allen believes that wisdom is enhanced by poverty. He became hooked on writing in grade school when he asked to research and write about the history of clocks. Allen has written regular columns for various media, broadcast, and advertising publications during his career in the market/research field. He founded a consulting firm, Media Research Graphics, Inc., in the seventies and has pioneered many new sales and presentation techniques. His client list was extensive and covered the nation. His roots are in Brooklyn and he graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Psychology.

While attempting to retire, he still remains active in the broadcast industry. “Sometimes the challenge makes it impossible to pass up the project,” he says. He began writing in his spare time and found creating people and situations from his own mind became an exercise in joy. He wrote for his own pleasure and sent some of his stories to close friends. One business associate and friend thought his stories should be shared with the world and thus this book was born.

It is the unknown in life that makes it the adventure it can be. The fourteen stories in Fact, Fiction & Fantasy are a combination of my life’s experiences with a heavy dose of imagination. Most contain elements of actual events which were embroidered into a readable, believable situation. The stories range from pure fantasy with a nugget of doubt that maybe it could happen (Alphabet Soup), to love stories (Cindy Eller), to murder and mayhem (Serendipity, Serendipity 2).

Someone asked me which story was my favorite. These and many more short stories and novels languishing in my closet are all my children. They are a labor of love. I take pride in authoring them and great joy that I have the ability to put my thoughts into words. I hope you find my imagination meets your standards.
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