RichestMy wife and I self-published a book that I’d written several years ago. I knew I had a great story but we really needed a professional publisher in order to take it to the next level. Spark read the book and found a publisher who re-packaged the book and produced a DVD which has resulted in our selling thousands of books each year and hundreds of paid speeches.  

V.J. Smith, Richest Man in Town
livingI’ve known Spark for over ten years and through his badgering he finally convinced me I could author a book. Once I had the draft completed he found a publisher. I’ve been thrilled with its success and my speaking fees, too.  

Betty Mahalik, Living a Five Star Life
depressionAt age fourteen I was diagnosed with severe depression. As an artist, it was my first inclination to express my feelings by keeping a journal of drawings. Spark saw my rough sketches from this journal and he saw the potential of creating a book based upon my own story because he knew my story could help others. After a few modifications on my part, and Spark´s support and guidance, we first self-published the book. With Spark´s professional passion, the sharp appearance of the final copy, and the powerful artwork and story line, the book caught the attention of Random House. Had it not been for Spark´s backing, my book would not have been picked up by Random House, nor would I have earned speaking fees through my college years and been paid to write a second book. 

Cait Irwin, Depression, Challenge the Beast Within Yourself and Win
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