tonnns smTons-o-Puns is a manic compilation of daffynitions and puns that are warranted to give you groans or grins.  Produced by a punditzy professor and a cartoonist, the tome contains  hissterics of verbal and visual elements from which you’ll not likely recover (unless of course you use new, longer-lasting material … to re-cover, that is).  One liners for your comedic pleasure with resultant question marks appearing over your head in a comic-strip-like bubble – those close to you will want to be farther away as you excrete larfs.  An occasional “ho-hum” may be heard among the hum-bugs while on the whole, gentle readers will exorcise their bent for being under an apparent mis-spell.

A sample of 200 puns and 30 cartoons are available for publisher review:

getting dishwashermice krispies
vampire frostbite
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